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1968, 5 HP
Jim Wanasek
The company was called Rugg Corp. and was located in Ohio. This is a 68' Rugg 5 horse riding lawn tractor.

I bought the tractor a few years ago from a farmer here in WI who was using it to mow his lawn until the main blade clutch went out. I bought it for the kids to bomb around on in the yard. I guess I messed it up by painting it ford blue but the kids kept telling me it was ugly in its original orange color. The pic  is the blue version. 
Original color 1968, 5 HP
Jim Wanasek
It's has a 5 HP Briggs, three speeds forward, one reverse. The deck is raised and lowered by the crank lever under the seat. Foot pedal on the right engages the take up pulley clutch. Parts are still available in Ohio from a lawn and garden center who bought out all the inventory from the closing manufacturer.

Jim Wanasek
West Allis WI.



smalltrac.jpg (1361 octets)